Why Invisalign Braces Are An Adult's Best Orthodontics Choice

No everyone has the opportunity to have teeth straightened during childhood. Once an adult is in a position to afford the treatments, there’s the matter of choosing the best one. With many different types of braces for adults on the market, choosing the right solution can be difficult. You’ll find that our team is likely to recommend Invisalign as the right solution. Here are some things you show know about this option, including why adults tend to prefer Invisalign over traditional braces.

What is Invisalign?

Answering the question of “what is Invisalign braces?” involves explaining that they are not braces in the strictest sense of the word. They are more often classified as aligning devices or aligners. The aligner is made of clear material that is far less noticeable than the metal used for braces. Many of our patients also report that they do not experience the same level of discomfort with this solution.

How Do The Aligners Work?

An orthodontist in Richmond Hill will examine your mouth and determine if you are a candidate for aligners. If so, the first one in the series is prepared and fitted. Aligners slide over the top of your teeth and remain in place with ease. The clear material used for them means your teeth are not hidden behind a network of metal pieces. For adults, this means many of the people they come in contact every day won’t even notice that they are using a device to straighten their teeth.

During the next year to eighteen months, the patient comes in for a checkup based on a set schedule. The goal is to ensure the teeth are incrementally being moved into alignment. Once one aligner has moved the teeth to a certain degree, the patient is fitted with the next one in the series. This process continues until the teeth are perfectly straight.

Why Would Adults Prefer This Solution?

Along with the fact the aligners are clear, they tend to cause less pain. Traditional braces can cause aching in the gums and sometimes scratch the inside of the mouth. With Invisalign, there may be some discomfort as the mouth adjusts to each aligner, but there are no worries about sore spots since there is nothing present to rub or chafe.

Keeping the teeth clean is also easier. Braces usually cannot be removed. Aligners can be slipped out of the mouth, allowing you to brush your teeth with ease. You can also clean the aligner before putting it back in place. That keeps your breath fresh and allows you to feel more confident in social situations.

How Soon Will I See Results?

You may find it hard to detect much of a difference during the process. That’s because the series of aligners shift the teeth so incrementally. Our team can show you the difference from one appointment to the next by showing you images of your mouth. That makes it easier to see what a change has taken place as you move from one aligner to the next.

Keep in mind that you could have straight teeth in as little as a year. Compare that with wearing braces for up to five years.