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Filling Replacements 

While many people believe that fillings are permanent solutions, the fact is that they will usually remain in place for somewhere between five and fifteen years. All sorts of factors can lead to the loss of a filling. Fortunately, we know what to do when the time comes for a filling replacement. 

Perhaps you have lost a filling due to changes in the tooth involved. Perhaps you were in an accident that caused further damage and led to the loss of that filling. Whatever the reason, we can take a fresh look at your condition right now and determine what needs to be done. 

There are quite a few reasons why you should not put off getting filling replacements in Richmond Hill. One has to do with protecting what’s left of your tooth. With the filling either gone or loose, it’s easier for food particles and bacteria to get into the hollowed portion of that tooth. Even if you brush after every meal, the potential for more decay to take place is heightened. If you wait too long, replacing the filling will no longer be an option. Instead, the tooth must be extracted and you have a decision to make about a bridge or an implant.

Another reason your Richmond Hill family dentist will want to take care of the filling now is to prevent damage to the tooth root. With a loose or missing filling, it’s possible that the remaining pulp would be infected. That will lead to considerably more pain than the discomfort you currently feel when drinking a cold beverage. It also increases the odds of losing the tooth or needed a root canal to deal with a gum infection. Moving ahead quickly with a replacement filling helps prevent both these scenarios.

Appearance is another reason to not waste any time. While the damaged tooth may not be in the front, remember that more of your teeth are visible when you smile. Those who happen to be standing close when you do smile or laugh with your mouth open may be treated to the sight of a tooth that obviously needs some help. A replacement filling topped with a crown that’s the same color as the rest of the tooth will ensure your teeth look their best.

In a sense, you are fortunate to need a filling now. As with many dental procedures, filling teeth using the right type of materials is more advanced than ever. The filling that we provide you with is likely to be superior to the one that you recently lost. 

There’s more reasons why delaying a filling replacement is not a good idea. The team at Tower Hill Dental Clinic can point out specific advantages that apply to your situation.

If you have a loose filling or recently lost one altogether, now is the time to give us a call. By choosing to take action immediately, you avoid the risk of causing more damage to the tooth and possibly needing to undergo an extraction. After we have the new filling in place, you can once again smile with confidence. 

Give us a call at 905-884-8282 to have our dental specialists take superior care of your loose or lost fillings.

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