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Filling Replacements 

While many people believe that fillings are permanent solutions, the fact is that they will usually remain in place for somewhere between five and fifteen years. All sorts of factors can lead to the loss of a filling. Fortunately, we know what to do when the time comes for a filling replacement. 

Perhaps you have lost a filling due to changes in the tooth involved. Perhaps you were in an accident that caused further damage and led to the loss of that filling. Whatever the reason, we can take a fresh look at your condition right now and determine what needs to be done. 

In a sense, you are fortunate to need a filling now. As with many dental procedures, filling teeth using the right type of materials is more advanced than ever. The filling that we provide you with is likely to be superior to the one that you recently lost. 

If you have a loose filling or recently lost one altogether, now is the time to give us a call. By choosing to take action immediately, you avoid the risk of causing more damage to the tooth and possibly needing to undergo an extraction. After we have the new filling in place, you can once again smile with confidence. 

Give us a call at 905-884-8282 to have our dental specialists take superior care of your loose or lost fillings.

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