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About Tower Hill Dental

At Tower Hill Dental, we are dedicated to helping our patients look and feel their absolute best. From preventive dentistry to full smile makeovers, we ensure that each of our patients receives high standard of professional dental care.

Please contact our office if you would like to learn more about your oral health or to schedule your appointment. A more beautiful smile may be closer than you think.


Dental implants

The advances in technology to replace missing teeth are incredible. The older version of dentures and partial dentures were often cumbersome, and of course, not permanent. Implants replace your teeth permanently, with natural and comfortable "teeth" that look and work like the real thing. At our office, we are doing treatment plans for more and more implants every day.

Professional whitening systems

You recently took the tissue challenge and found that your teeth are not as white as you thought. Rest assured that you are not alone. All sorts of things can dull the teeth and leave them with a less than natural appearance. Fortunately, our methods for whitening the teeth can restore the look of your smile in less time than you expected.

Porcelain veneers and crowns

There’s a good chance that you know someone with veneers but have never noticed them. That’s because these thin coatings of porcelain laminate are intended to correct imperfections while providing a natural look to the teeth.


Not everyone is born with perfect teeth. That doesn’t mean you have to go through life being unhappy with the way your teeth look. Thanks to the latest techniques in orthodontics, there’s quite a bit we can do to improve the look of those teeth.

Childrens dental care

It’s never too early to help your child develop sound dental habits. That includes seeing the dentist on a regular basis. At Tower Hill Dental, we offer support for the entire family.

Sedation dentistry

Depending on the procedure you need and your general health, using sedation is an option. The nice thing about this approach is that you will feel relaxed and comfortable while we set about improving your dental health.

All on four

If you ever considered dental implants in the past but decided against them due to the many visits and procedures necessary to finish the work, now is the ideal time to take a second look. Thanks to advances in technology, there is no longer the need to endure a long string of dental visits to complete the work.

Non surgical gum therapy

Finding out that you have some type of periodontal condition does not necessarily mean that you need to prepare for some kind of invasive procedure. Thanks to advances in dental treatment over the last few decades, you could be a prime candidate for what is known as non surgical gum therapy.


For one reason or another, you never had your teeth straightened as a child. While you may think there’s nothing that can be done now, the fact is many adults are fitted with braces. If you don’t like the idea of traditional braces, we have a solution: Invisalign.

Filling replacements

While many people believe that fillings are permanent solutions, the fact is that they will usually remain in place for somewhere between five and fifteen years. All sorts of factors can lead to the loss of a filling. Fortunately, we know what to do when the time comes for a filling replacement.

Sterilization and comfort

When we talk about hygiene around the office, it’s not only about how you take care of your teeth. It’s also about the steps we take to ensure you have a clean and sterile space while we provide you with whatever services are needed.

Emergency dentistry

Issues with the teeth don’t always arise during standard office hours. Some will keep until the next business day, but others need attention as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer emergency dental care.

Dr. Julie

Dr. Julie has been a family dentist since 1998, and brings experience and focus on creating a comfor...

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Dr. Shirley

Dr. Shirley Leung has been a family dentist since 2012, and brings experience and focus on creating ...

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Emily has been in the Dental field for 2 years. In 2015 she graduated from Georgian College from the...

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Dr. Julie

Dr. Julie has been a family dentist since 1998, and brings experience and focus on creating a comfor

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Dr. Shirley

Dr. Shirley Leung has been a family dentist since 2012, and brings experience and focus on creating

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