Our team at Tower Dental understands how important teeth happen to be. At times, it's about function while at other times it's about appearance. Our range of procedures are designed to cover our patients on all bases. 

If you are unhappy with the look of your teeth, some of our cosmetic procedures will help. Whitening can undo years of stains with just  a few treatments. Veneers and crowns make your teeth look fresh  and healthy once again. Implants take the place of teeth that have  to go and no one will know the difference.

While many of our procedures improve appearance, they also help with function. We can correct issues caused by accidents, remove  teeth that have led to crowding, and in general do whatever  it takes to make sure you are happy with the results. 

No matter your age, we have procedures designed to correct any  type of dental issue. Before we recommend any approach, we'll conduct a complete examination. That helps us to ascertain how healthy your teeth and gums happen to be, and point the way  toward corrective procedures that improve that level of health.

Dental implants

The advances in technology to replace missing teeth are incredible. The older version of dentures and partial dentures were often cumbersome, and of course, not permanent. Implants replace your teeth permanently, with natural and comfortable "teeth" that look and work like the real thing. At our office, we are doing treatment plans for more and more implants every day.

Professional whitening systems

Teeth naturally darken with age and their appearance can be affected by accumulation of stains from certain foods and drinks. Your Richmond Hill dentist may discuss in office whitening (fast and convenient and less sensitivity) or custom take home whitening trays which will be filled with whitening material for an elapsed time. Whitening should only be done under dentists care. This is especially important for patients with fillings, crowns, and dark stains. A whiter brighter smile can help you feel better about yourself and make a memorable impression.

Porcelain veneers and crowns

Dental Veneers are custom designed shells of tooth ceramic material that can chance the appearance of your teeth. Veneers can disguise misshaped, broken, dark, and crooked teeth. Speak to our qualified dentist to see if you’re a candidate.

Childrens dental care

Once children have their first tooth, it is advised that seeing the dentist has many benefits. The Dental team can teach our little patients the importance of brushing and flossing in achieving a beautiful smile. Cavities need to be treated, even in baby teeth, because the bacteria in the mouth spreads to other teeth and can lead to infection and pain. We are trained in relation to patients big and small.

Filling Replacements

Are your teeth sensitive to hot, cold, sweets, or chewing? Dental fillings may last many years but eventually all fillings need to be replaced Constant assault of eating, drinking, or stress from grinding or clenching eventually may cause a tooth to need treatment. Keeping a loose or broken filling can increase the odds of needing a root canal or extraction. There are several types of tooth coloured materials to repair damaged or decayed teeth. Before your treatment begins our Richmond Hill dentists will discuss the options.

Sterilization and comfort

Current Infection control guidelines recommends that instruments be sterilized in an autoclave which is a machine that uses steam and pressure to kill all infection and viruses. We have instruments placed in a ultrasonic washer first. Each Instrument has a biological indicator to ensure each load is tested safely.

Emergency dentistry

We Provide emergency Dental care for a wide variety of problems such as trauma, crowns that have fallen off, infections, broken or lost fillings. Don’t let an injury of a persistent pain go untreated because this can lead to long term damage and more complicated treatment.

Dental Cleanings

It is important to maintain a 3-6 month frequency for dental cleanings. Based on your dental history and current dental health you and your hygienist will make a plan especially for you. Tartar (hard plaque) hardens approximately 90 days after forming. Tartar attracts and contains bacteria that can affect your overall height of your jaw bone. (The bone that holds in your teeth). Other benefits of regular dental cleanings include; fresh breath, less bleeding while brushing, and whiter looking teeth! At Tower Hill Dental our Hygiene Department excels at preventive health care and education for all types of patients and dental conditions.