Sterilization and comfort

When we talk about hygiene around the office, it’s not only about how you take care of your teeth. It’s also about the steps we take to ensure you have a clean and sterile space while we provide you with whatever services are needed. We take that seriously, since we want to ensure you have the best possible experience every time you walk through our doors.

Our dedication to your well being means that we use only sterile implements as we work on your teeth. You’ll see us wear disposable gloves and make use of disposable needles when the need arises. Before you enter the exam room, we make sure everything is clean and ready. Nothing is left to chance, not even the eye wear that we may give to you just prior to a procedure.

Our dedication to complete sterilization in Richmond Hill is important to you for a couple of reasons. One has to do with ensuring there is nothing present that will lead to an infection. While there is always some chance of an infection occurring after an invasive procedure, the goal is to remove all contaminants from the space where you are treated. This is one of the ways we work toward fewer complications after the procedure and a shorter healing period for you.

We also stress the creation of a sterile environment so you are more comfortable during the treatment. The comprehensive process we use for cleaning and sterilization ensures the space is free of any allergens that could cause you discomfort. No patient wants to feel as if a sneeze is coming on in the middle of a root canal or a tooth extraction. The same goes for feeling your eyes begin to water or your skin beginning to itch. Thanks to the way our team at Tower Hill Dental Clinic prepares each room, there will be nothing present to cause you physical irritation or discomfort.

Remember that our sterilization efforts, up to and including the protective clothing and gloves or team wears, are not a comment on your personal hygiene. Our desire is to do everything possible to protect your well being from the moment you settle into the chair until the appointment is over. Even little things like removing gloves and replacing them with a fresh set as team members enter and leave the room are done to ensure you are not exposed to anything that could cause complications.

If you do have any questions about the standards that we and other dentists in Richmond Hill follow, feel free to ask them. We want our patients to know why a sterile environment is so important and what we do to ensure each exam room and every dental implement is really clean.

It’s not enough for everything to look clean. We have a sterilization supervisor on hand who makes sure every implement and every surface you come in contact with really is clean.

Contact us today and let’s begin the journey of improving your dental health. Rest assured that we will take all the measures necessary to ensure you are in a sterile environment and receive the best possible care at the same time.

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