Professional whitening systems

You recently took the tissue challenge and found that your teeth are not as white as you thought. Rest assured that you are not alone. All sorts of things can dull the teeth and leave them with a less than natural appearance. Fortunately, our methods for whitening the teeth can restore the look of your smile in less time than you expected.

Years of drinking beverages like tea and coffee, using tobacco products, and any number of other things have led you to where you are now. Before assuming there is nothing that can be done, pay us a visit and let’s take a closer look. You are likely a candidate for our home whitening treatments.

One of the things that sets our strategies for teeth whitening in Richmond Hill apart from over the counter products is that each application is carefully formulated to achieve the best results. That means you will see a difference after only a few applications. We also provide detailed instructions that make it easier for you to use the kit and get the most out of every treatment.

At the same time, the ingredients used in our home whitening kits will not harm the enamel or create additional problems with your teeth. That means you are not likely to notice that your teeth are more sensitive after a few treatments. If you are used to drinking cold beverages without any sudden pain, you can look forward to still enjoying those beverages after the whitening process is finished.

Even if you are happy with the results, remember that your periodic checkups with our orthodontists at Tower Hill Dental should not be skipped. Monitoring the effects of the whitening kits is important. Our examinations ensure that the whitening is taking place evenly across all of your teeth. This ensures that you don’t end up with some teeth that are brighter than others. If any adjustments to the treatment schedule are needed, we can make them quickly.

Remember that while the initial round of treatments will produce the effect you want, more treatments will be needed in the future. We’ll check the hue of your teeth at your annual exam and again when you come in for a teeth cleaning. Typically, patients who undergo another set of whitening after six months can use a shorter series and eliminate any stains that developed in the interim. Place yourself in the capable hands of our dentists and your teeth will continue to look great for many more years.

We don’t hand you a kit and bid you goodbye. At certain intervals, we’ll want you to come back and let us see how things are going. That makes it possible to adjust your treatments and ensure your teeth regain their natural shade without overdoing things.

If you think your teeth should be whiter, give us a call today. After a look, we’ll go over the treatment options with you, set reasonable expectations, and work with you every step of the way.

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