Orthodontic Treatment

Not everyone is born with perfect teeth. That doesn’t mean you have to go through life being unhappy with the way your teeth look. Thanks to the latest techniques in orthodontics, there’s quite a bit we can do to improve the look of those teeth.

We have many different options for braces that you can consider. We can help you compare the pros and cons associated with braces that remain in place around the clock versus options that you can take out at night. From what to expect in the way of seeing results to what you have to do to keep the teeth clean, we are happy to answer any questions.

While many patients do not experience any difficulty with braces, our team is always on hand to help you with any questions about soreness after an adjustment, what to do about any swelling you might find around the base of a tooth, and any issues with sensitivity that may develop. Remember that most of these minor complications can be treated quickly and will not interfere in any way with the task of aligning and strengthening your teeth.

Even after you no longer need braces, our team at Tower Hill Dental can assist you in keeping your teeth healthy and looking their best. We accomplish this by setting up a schedule that includes a full dental exam each year. We’ll also help you establish a schedule for having your teeth cleaned. If necessary, we will also provide whitening treatments that remove any stains that may develop in the years to come.

Remember that different types of braces are better suited for specific conditions. As our orthodontists in Richmond Hill will explain, any set of braces will work just fine when the issue is to straighten the teeth. When there is another problem present, a specific type of brace may be your best option.

For example, perhaps an accident has left you with loose teeth. Along with making sure they are properly aligned, our dentists will recommend certain kinds of braces that will help your teeth to settle properly into each socket and once again remain firmly in place. During each session to check and adjust the braces, we will test your teeth to determine how well they are settling into the sockets. Doing so ensures that you are getting the most from orthodontics in Richmond Hill and will eventually have a full set of teeth that are as sturdy as they are attractive.

Whether you choose the lighter and more durable metal braces offered today or go with ceramic braces that are harder to detect, we have the right solution.Our team is happy to walk you through the process of being fitted, explain why adjustments are needed from time to time, and provide some insight into how your dental routine will change.

Don’t settle for anything less than a perfectly aligned set of teeth. Contact our office today and arrange for a full dental exam. It won’t take long to find the solution that’s right for you.