I'm So Scared Of The Dentist, Is There A Dentist That Will Sedate Me?

If you find yourself feeling apprehensive about visiting a dentist, don’t feel alone. Many people feel at least a little bit of jitters as they prepare for an appointment. Fortunately, most dentists provide some sort of sedation for patients who have trouble relaxing. This approach is sometimes referred to as sedation dentistry. Here are some things you should know.

Is Sedation Dentistry Just About Calming Frazzled Nerves?

The purpose of using sedation can vary. It may be used as a way to calm patients who are having difficulty because of some type of fear. The approach certainly helps patients who have diagnosed anxiety disorders or a health issue that sometimes triggers panic attacks. If you happen to have one of these conditions, you can bet that sedation is an option.

The sedation may be in the form of an oral medication. It can also be in gaseous form and administered in a way that leaves you awake and able to respond, but also keeps you calm throughout the dental process. People with severe fears or anxiety may even be given anesthesia  so they can sleep through the procedure.

At other times, sedation is used not only to calm patients, but to protect them from being aware of pain. This is true for a number of procedures, including some that are cosmetic in nature. If it involves grinding a tooth, removing one, or performing the surgery related to a standard tooth implant procedure, the patient will receive something to numb the pain and encourage a sense of being at peace with the world.

What Form of Sedation Will Be Used?

A lot depends on the type of procedure and the general health of the patient. For example, an oral medication taken several minutes before a routine procedure would be fine for most people with anxiety disorders. When something more complex, like a root canal or the insertion of a dental implant is involved, more aggressive forms of sedation will be used.

Your health is also important to determining the right type of sedation to use. If you have a chronic condition that makes it unwise for you to receive anesthesia, a different approach will be utilized. This is one of the reasons dentists want to know the medical histories of patients, up to and including any medication they currently take. All that information provides valuable clues about what sort of sedation would be appropriate.

Remember that the best cosmetic dentist in Toronto is dedicated to improving the appearance and function of the teeth. At the same time, the dental professional wants the patient to be as comfortable as possible. When fears or anxiety is preventing that patient from relaxing, the dentist will offer solutions that are in keeping with the degree of difficulty the patient is experiencing.

If fear or a health issue that triggers anxiety is keeping you from having any dental procedure, contact a dental clinic today and arrange to speak with a member of the staff. You will learn more about what options are available and how they work. Armed with that information, you can schedule the appointment, have the work done, and be calm enough to get all the way through the procedure.