Teeth Implants in Richmond Hill


Today anyone can afford teeth implants in Richmond Hill, and these great procedures are faster to complete and far less invasive than in the past. To have a great Hollywood smile is no longer a luxury but an easy-to-achieve necessity for all. Contact our specialists and get the best dental implants in Richmond Hill, Ontario!

What are implants?

In the beginning of the 1950s a scientist from Sweden noticed that titanium could be bonded to bone through a process called osseointegration, which led to the wide use of dental implants in cosmetic dentistry. An implant is a tooth replacement that is left permanently, and is made from titanium which bonds to the jaw the way the natural tooth does. This event was revolutional in dental practice, when for the first time in history teeth could be replaced harmlessly and comfortably for permanent use. 30 years after dental implants were introduced to patients for the first time, and even today they perform their functions without any trouble at all. Nowadays many people you meet have had their missing teeth replaced by high quality implants — and their smiles speak for themselves.

The benefits

Dental implants are indeed a great way out for those who have loose or poorly fitting dentures and feel discomfort because of that. It is important to notice that because of teeth implants the need for fixadants or denture adhesives is eliminated. Crunchy foods like apples, corn on the cob and such can be consumed without trouble. There is also no discomfort or shame involved with you worrying your teeth may be misplaced in a public place. Tooth implant can totally bring back the function and appearance of real teeth, as well as the confidence that comes with a beautiful set of teeth that are often taken for granted. If you need to replace a single tooth, teeth replacement is also a great solution. The health of natural teeth doesn’t have to be compromised either. Most people are perfect candidates for teeth implants and the exceptions are only for patients with serious diseases, or those who may have lack of sufficient bone. Implants can be placed regardless of age of the patient which is really great news for elderly patients.

Faster with less discomfort

In the past it took almost a year to complete a procedure of dental implants. But modern techniques allow doing the same in a short period of time. Besides, the procedure is completely painless which is also really great news for a lot of people. The acquiring of high cosmetic dental implants
today is really fast and can take one day or even an hour. Also the procedures and not as invasive as they used to be and are far less painful while having short times for full recovery. The course of life is barely interrupted and patients can eat, drink and smile very soon after the procedure is successfully completed.

The advances in technology to replace missing teeth are incredible. The older version of dentures and partial dentures were often cumbersome, and of course, not permanent. Implants replace your teeth permanently, with natural and comfortable "teeth" that look and work like the real thing. At our office, we are doing treatment plans for more and more implants every day.