Non surgical gum therapy

Finding out that you have some type of periodontal condition does not necessarily mean that you need to prepare for some kind of invasive procedure. Thanks to advances in dental treatment over the last few decades, you could be a prime candidate for what is known as non surgical gum therapy. 

Therapy of this type often focuses on treating gum diseases by using various means to eliminate the bacteria that led to the current infection. The goal is to prevent the bacteria from spreading by using topical cleaning strategies in between teeth and along the gum line. Introducing some type of agent into the gums with the use of a needle will help kill the bacteria and help lessen the pain and the swelling. 

Keep in mind there are conditions that will require dental surgery. The only way to know for sure is to see a dental professional and determine the nature and the severity of the problem. What most people will find is that using a method other than surgery will be sufficient to correct the problem and allow them to heal. 

There are several benefits that you will enjoy if your orthodontist in Richmond Hill determines you are a candidate for this type of therapy. One of the most important is how quickly the pain will fade. It’s not unusual for patients to report that the application of some type of topical medication to the gums dulls the discomfort immediately. Those medications will provide hours of relief. That allows you to go about your daily routine without the distraction of dental pain.

Another advantage that non surgical gum therapy provides is that the underlying cause of the pain begins to subside with the very first injection or application of a topical medication. Patients who have gone to family physicians with sinus infections can relate to this experience. In both scenarios, the injections introduce medication directly to the affected area and begin to kill bacteria causing the irritation. Even as the pain begins to fade, the gum infection weakens. In less time than you thought possible, the problem is resolved.

Don’t overlook the way that this approach to gum issues ensures there is no lengthy recuperative period. Even when dentists in Richmond Hill choose injections as the solution, there are no incisions that must heal. In most cases, all you will need is a little rest before jumping back into your routine. Depending on the nature of the gum problem, your dentist may recommend that you wait until the next day to go to work or engage in your usual activities. In any case, you can forget about needing a week or so to heal.

It won’t take long to determine if you are a candidate for this type of procedure. The professionals at Tower Hill Dental will examine your gums, conduct a test or two, and have an answer for you in no time. You may be in pain when you walk into the office, but things will be different when you walk out.

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