5 Ways Life Will Be Better After Dental Veneers

Porcelain and other types of dental veneers are sometimes the ideal solution. If your dentist recommends them, either alone or in tandem with some other treatment, it’s a good idea to seriously consider getting the veneers. Assuming you decide to move forward with them, here are some of the things you can look forward to in the 15 to 20 years that properly maintained veneers last.

Chewing is Easier

Chipped or cracked teeth do more than take away from the beauty of your smile. They also tend to trigger waves of pain when anything too hot or too cold touches the affected area. That’s led to you developing the habit of chewing on the opposite side of the mouth.

Once you have veneers in place, there will still be some sensitivity. The thing is that it will be decreased to the point that it’s once again possible to chew or allow beverages to touch those damaged teeth. This is especially true if a crown is used to cover the chipped area and the veneer is keeping the two sections of a cracked tooth closer.

The Teeth are Even and Natural Looking

Veneers can also make your teeth appear more natural and even. That’s a great solution if you have an issue like gaps between several teeth. The veneers fit over the front of the affected teeth and fill in those gaps without the need for any comprehensive dental work. The result is two rows of teeth that are balanced and work together to create a pleasant smile.

The Color is Uniform

You can also opt for veneers if you have some teeth that are slightly darker than the rest. After undergoing cleaning and whitening treatments to resolve some of the problem, a tinted veneer will often ensure each tooth looks much like the next. While veneers are somewhat translucent, there are limits on how much of a difference they will make. However, if the tooth is only slightly darker than the surrounding teeth, a veneer will often help it blend in nicely.

Speaking Clearly is Simpler

Did you ever think about how much your teeth impact your ability to speak clearly? Certainly you need a reasonable vocabulary to participate in conversations, but it will do little if people cannot understand what you are saying. If some dental issue has made it more difficult to not slur your words, correcting the underlying issues and adding veneers may be all it takes to make those words crisp and immediately recognizable once again.

No More Hesitating to Smile

When you take a look at your teeth each morning, what you see in the mirror is depressing. It’s only natural that you would rather other people not see the same thing. To that end, you may hold back from participating in conversations that would lead to becoming the center of attention. Even when you smile, you tend to keep your lips closed or cover your mouth. Once you have the veneers, feel free to smile as broadly as you like.

If you think that this type of dental treatment would help you, request a quote for porcelain veneers in Richmond Hill today. After a quick exam, your dentist can provide a good idea of what changes to expect and how much the procedure will cost. There’s a good chance that this solution will be more affordable than you think.