Best 4 Ways To Keep Children’s Veneers In Top Condition

Your dentist recommends veneers for your child. Along with a couple of other treatments, the veneers will improve appearance and help your child be less self-conscience about his or her teeth. Once the work is done, the focus shifts to keeping the veneers (and the rest of the teeth) in top shape. Here are some of the best ways to accomplish that goal.

Discuss Brushing Habits

Brushing is important to all teeth. That includes the ones that are protected with veneers. As part of the discussion about proper oral hygiene, it's time to look closely at what sort of bristles and brush are right for the job. You dentist will make a recommendation based on the condition of y our child's teeth. Be sure to only by brushes that fit into those recommendations.

The brushing method also needs to be considered. Along with the amount of time spend on brushing, it's important to talk about how to brush in a way that effectively removes plaque from the surfaces of every tooth. That includes the one with the veneer. A practical demonstration by a dental expert would likely be a good move. It won't hurt for the parent to sit it as well, since adults can develop poor brushing techniques as readily as kids.

Mouthwash and Flossing Matter

Using mouthwash and flossing several times a week will still be part of the routine once the TowerHill porcelain veneers are in place. As with brushing, your child should receive some tips on how to use mouthwash, including how long it should be swished vigorously around the mouth, and how to rinse properly afterward.

Flossing is also something your child should do regularly. Teach the child how to get in between the teeth and remove buildup. Even when a tooth has a veneer, the buildup on each side will still take place. Removing it decreases the odds of problems developing with the teeth on each side of the veneer.

No Teeth Grinding Allowed

Was chipping due to teeth grinding one of the issues that led to veneers? If so, methods to prevent further damage are essential. Remember that veneers are durable, but they can still be damaged. Make it a point to check Richmond Hill children dentistry team member for tips on what to do. For example, if the grinding occurs at night, a mouth guard may be in order.

Dental Checkups are Important

The presence of dental veneers does not mean checkups are no longer necessary. The dentist still wants to check the condition of the other teeth. It’s also important to take a look at the veneer and make sure it’s holding up well.

Remember that your child will need new veneers as the years pass. Knowing when to remove the old ones and install new ones is easier if your child has annual checkups. Along with protecting the teeth and enhancing the smile, the habit of regular checkups will serve your child well once he or she is an adult.