Top 4 Reasons Kids Get Dental Veneers

Adults aren’t the only ones who can benefit from veeners. Adolescents and teenagers sometimes develop dental issues that call for this solution. While the treatment process is slightly different for kids, the use of veneers will go a long way toward restoring dental health as well as enhancing the look of the teeth. Here are a few of the reasons kids get veneers and how they benefit.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Children can engage in activities that lead to cracking or chipping teeth. From antics on the playground to damage to the mouth while participating in sports, there’s always the chance for some type of oral injury. If an activity does lead to chipping or cracking, it is often possible to avoid extraction and save the tooth. Veneers may be part of the repair work needed to accomplish the goal.

For example, using a crown to replace the chipped portion is a great idea. Once the crown is in place, add a veneer. This helps add more strength to the tooth and reduces the potential for the crown to work loose. If a crack takes place, all the tooth may need is a thorough cleaning and a veneer to prevent the crack from spreading.

Gaps Between the Teeth

Children who are genetically disposed to noticeable gaps in the teeth are also candidates for veneers. While it’s true that the width of those gaps may narrow as the adulthood approaches, they are still present and do tend to affect speech. If a teenager has gaps that are quite apparent, veneers can help close them. Since the veneers fit over the fronts of the teeth, they fill in much of the open space. There’s still room to floss, but the teeth now look uniform in size, shape, and spacing.

Misaligned Teeth

Braces are a common solution for crooked or misaligned teeth, but they are not always necessary. When the alignment issue is minor, the dentist may be able to correct the shape of a tooth or two and then add veneers. The result is a set of teeth that are even and look perfectly natural. In many cases, the correction and the application of the veneers can be completed in as little as three office visits spaces over the period of a week or two. Compare that with wearing braces for anywhere between a year and three years.

Less Self-Conscious About Appearance

Children tend to seek out what they consider defects and make a big deal out of them. A kid who has less than perfect teeth may be the subject of ridicule among his or her peers. That makes it easier to withdraw from social situations and never really develop the skills needed to participate in society. It may not seem that serious now, but those habits will close many doors during adulthood. Choosing to use veneers and other methods to correct the dental issues removes the stigma and makes it easier to seek out friendships and participate in any activities that seem like a lot of fun.

Do you think your child would benefit from veneers and other dental work? Contact an expert in children’s dentistry today and arrange for a full dental exam. The solutions may be simpler and easier than you realize.