For one reason or another, you never had your teeth straightened as a child. While you may think there’s nothing that can be done now, the fact is many adults are fitted with braces. If you don’t like the idea of traditional braces, we have a solution: Invisalign. 

Many of our teenage and adult patients like Invisalign for more than one reason. A deciding factor is often the low impact on general appearance. The materials are clear so they are not as apparent as other types of straightening solutions. Even when compared with braces designed to align along the back side of the teeth, Invisalign is a subtler approach. 

Comfort is another reason so many of our patients go with this solution. It’s true that you will feel a little soreness as you exchange one Invisalign set for the next one, but the duration will be shorter than having metal braces adjusted. Do you like the idea of dealing with a little discomfort for a day or two versus four or five days? If so, then you see why this choice is so popular. 

Another thing you will like about Invisalign aligners is that they are relatively simple to clean. If you know anyone who has worn traditional metal braces for a couple of years, they can provide a lot of information about how difficult it was to brush and how easily residue could collect on the metal.

Just like other aligning products, Invisalign in Richmond Hill can collect bacteria that has an adverse effect on the way your breath smells. Between plaque and saliva drying on the surfaces, the odor can be unpleasant. You can easily keep the aligner clean and fresh.

As most Richmond Hill family dentists will tell you, you can soak your aligners in a mild solution made of soap and a recommended cleaning agent. While the aligner soaks, you can brush your teeth and floss in between them. Doing so removes any residue that collected on the teeth and leaves your mouth with a fresh sensation.

After removing the aligner from the cleaning agent, you can also use a mild soap to further remove bacteria. Don’t forget that you can also brush the aligner. Rinse it thoroughly and then fit it back over your teeth. You’ll feel confident about the way your teeth look and how your breath smells.

There are a few other things you will want to know about Invisalign before settling on this method. Dentists help their patients understand how often they will need to change to new aligners, the amount of time it will take to notice progress, and an approximate number of months or years it will take to straighten the teeth.

Remember that orthodontists and other dental professionals are always happy to answer any questions their patients have on their minds. Never assume your question is so minor that your dental professional doesn’t have the time to deal with it.

Don’t live with those crooked teeth another day. If you’re ready to give your smile a brand new life with Invisalign, our experts are at your service. Call us at 905-884-8282 and arrange for a visit. There’s a good chance that Invisalign will be the ideal way to straighten those teeth and give you the smile that you’ve always wanted.

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