Dental Dilemmas? Why These Filling Replacements Are Better Than Yours

Fillings don't last forever. It's possible for one that you got several years ago to loosen and fall out. At that point, you will need to see a dentist about some type of filling replacements Richmond Hill before more damage occurs to the tooth. In reality, the fillings offered today may be better than the ones you received a number of year ago. Here are a few reasons why that may be the case.

Wider Range of Fillings Available

One thing that’s changed is the different types of filling replacements you can get today. In years past, you did get what was then considered the best solution. With newer options on the market today, it makes sense to explore the more recent options for filling replacements in Richmond Hill. You’ll find that exploring this aspect of dental services could prove that a modern amalgam filling would work better than anything dentistry offered a couple of decades ago.

Appearance is Another Factor That’s Changed

As any expert in dental services will confirm, the filling replacements in use today look more natural than the options available one or two decades ago. Even some fillings that are not paired with a crown will look a lot like the rest of the tooth. If you would rather people not know that you have fillings, it pays to learn more about these contemporary filling replacements.

The most modern filling materials can easily be tinted to blend in with the rest of the tooth. Consider how that would impact your smile. You may feel more relaxed and confident about smiling if you know the fillings don’t attract any attention.

Durability is Something Else to Consider

Advances in dentistry have resulted in filling replacements in Richmond Hill that last longer than the fillings in common use in years past. Along with remaining in place for a longer period of time, they also hold up better to constant pressure. Think of what they means for molars containing a filling. You can chew with greater ease and worry less about damaging a filling.

Protecting the Tooth and Keeping It Longer

Thanks to the durable nature of today’s fillings, the rate of deterioration associated with the filled tooth is minimized. That means if you make use of modern dental services and choose the right type of filling, it will be possible to keep that tooth for more years. That’s one of the reasons why dentists in Richmond Hill often encourage patients to replace aging fillings with something new and better.

The fact is those older fillings may not be doing as much to slow the rate of decay.  The day when you need to replace the tooth with an implant could come a lot sooner than you expected.

How long have your current fillings been in place? Would it better if you replaced them with something newer and better? Schedule and appointment with one of the dentists in Richmond Hill and find out. Doing so could improve your dental health significantly.