Did You Know That Just 4 Implants Can Replace All Of Your Teeth? Now They Can!

Your real teeth are gone for good. According to your dentist, you are a candidate for implants as well as dentures. The idea of having to undergo a series of appointments to install all those implants in the space once occupied by your teeth is more than you can bear. Just as you are about to settle for dentures, your dental professional mentions a solution known as all on four implants. What’s that all about and why does it matter? Here are some things you should know about this approach before you make your final decision.

What are All On Four Implants?

This solution involves installing four implants that are evenly spaced across your gum. Just like traditional implants, they do fill in spaces left unoccupied by real teeth. Once the four implants are firmly in position, you are fitted with a plate that looks like a full set of upper or lower teeth. That plate is connected to the four implants and the restoration work is complete.

How is This Different From Dentures?

As the dentist will explain, this approach is not the same as investing in dentures. One of the primary benefits is that those four implants are sufficient to prevent much of the shifting in jaw contours that occurs with denture plates. That shifting is one of the reasons people must replace dentures every few years. Another difference is that the implant and plate are permanent. Unlike dentures, you don’t have to take them out each night and soak the plate in some type of cleaning solution. You also don’t have to use messy adhesives to keep the plate in position. All you have to do is brush after meals as if you still had real teeth.

The plate also will not slip out of position. Thanks to the fact that the plate is connected to the four implants, there are no worries about anything slipping while you are chewing, attempting to bit an apple, or happen to be in the middle of a conversation. While the same type of activities that would damage real teeth can also damage your plate, there are no special precautions you must take in order to keep it in position.

Is This Approach More Expensive?

Generally, you save money over choosing this solution instead of traditional implants. One of the reasons is that it usually requires a single session to install the four implants. There may be a second session to ensure the plate fit is perfect. After that, you are done. Compare that to the expense and time involved with making multiple trips to install implants over a period of time and to have the caps installed once the swelling subsides. It’s easy to see how your overall cost would be less based on the number of dental visits alone.

Before moving forward with any alternative to natural teeth, talk with your dentist about this latest solution. You will find it provides the beautiful smile, the ease of upkeep, and the excellent performance that you want.