Who Needs to See an Orthodontist? Anyone with These Conditions!

Orthodontists are dental specialists who focus on correcting issues that impact the function and appearance of the teeth. In most cases, an orthodontist Richmond Hill is needed when the teeth are out of alignment due to nature or some sort of accident. There are even times when this type of dental professional can help when a problem with the teeth happen to be causing another seemingly unrelated issue. If you have any of these problems, it’s time to make an appointment today.

Crooked Teeth

It’s not unusual for Richmond Hill dentists to see patients with crooked teeth. Far from being an issue with children, adults may also have teeth that are out of alignment for some reason. The good news is that an orthodontist can recommend several approaches to bring the teeth back in line.

A popular option today is invisible aligners. Unlike the metal braces that are still sometimes used, a series of aligners help to adjust the positioning of the crooked teeth. Over a period of six months to a year, those teeth could be straightened with relative ease. 

Gaps Between Teeth 

Gaps between teeth can ruin a smile. They can also interfere with chewing. Dentists do have a number of solutions that will correct the problem. Bonding is one possibility, as well as other measures. Typically, a Richmond Hill dentist will recommend a certain procedure based on the severity of the gaps. Some of those solutions may require more than one office visit. In any event, it will only take a short time to correct the gaps and improve the smile. 

Protruding Upper or Lower Teeth 

Upper or lower teeth that stick outward do more than make it difficult to chew. The underlying issue may have to do with the jaw, creating what is known as an overbite or an underbite. With either issue, modern dentistry can correct the problem and bring the teeth and jaws back into proper alignment. Along with improving the appearance of the teeth, the change in the jaw contours will also improve the look of the face. 

Even if the jaws are in alignment and the teeth are the issue, an orthodontist in Richmond Hill can recommend procedures that will correct the problem. Depending on how pronounced the protrusion happens to be, cosmetic surgery may be needed to resolve the issue. 

Trouble Sleeping 

Not many people connect sleep issues with dental problems, but your local orthodontist may be able to help. Orthodontists can determine if the teeth are the cause of what is known as obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome. If so, corrective dental surgery may be all it takes to resolve the sleep issue and help you get the rest that you need. 

Overcrowded Teeth 

Too many teeth can lead to many other dental issues. It’s not unusual for dentists to remove teeth that are crowding others and minimize the risk. When the work of the Richmond Hill dentist is completed, your smile will look better than ever. 

Modern dentistry can accomplish many things. Along with improving the smile, an orthodontist in Richmond Hill also corrects dental issues that could affect your health. Schedule a full exam today and find out if a simple procedure would be right for you.